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Conspiracy of Ravens (Raven Crawford, Book 1) By J.C. McKenzie

My spotlight is on J. C. McKinzie's new release, Conspiracy of Ravens. This is the first book in a new series, Raven Crawford - or perhaps I should say a new world. Once again J.C. takes us to a world of different realms, mystical creatures, and danger. As you can see, the cover shows all that.

 Raven will do anything to protect her twin, even agree to a dark fae deal

Book Specs:

Title: Conspiracy of Ravens
Series Name: Raven Crawford, Book 1
Publisher: JCM Publications                    
Editor: Lara Parker
Proofreader: Tammy Payne
Cover Artist: Eerilyfair Design
Theme(s): realms, good versus evil, mystery, hero’s journey, love, danger, family, sacrifice
SubGenre(s): Urban Fantasy, post-apocalyptic, dystopian, fantasy, romance
Rating: Spicy (PG13)
Keywords: post-apocalyptic, dystopian, fantasy, urban fantasy, paranormal romance, science fiction, action, adventure, humor, romance, dark horror, portal, gate, realms, magic, brooding, alpha male, brute, warrior, sassy, snarky, heroine, swords, battles, legends, myths, mythology, Celtic, Norse, Underworld, dark fae, lords
Page Count: 320
Word Count: 80 523
Digital Price: $2.99 USD
Print Price: $14.99
Digital ISBN: 978-1-9992394-1-1
Print ISBN: 978-1-9992394-0-4
COPYRIGHT © 2018 by J. C. McKenzie

Raven Crawford knows better than to venture into the seductive world of the dark fae or agree to any of their salacious promises. She plans to pay off her debts so she can get on with her life and stay far away from the denizens of the Underworld.

Unfortunately, her numbskull twin steals from the most tempting and lethal fae of them all. Now, Raven must help the Lord of Shadows get back what her idiot brother stole. Her only weapons? Just a little ingenuity and a whole lot of snark. It’s suicide for sure, but she’ll do anything to protect her twin.


The imposing man loomed in the entrance of her brother’s building. He stood with confidence instead of cowering like the lock-picking menace he really was. What type of ever-loving Underworld trouble had Bear joined now?
Luke’s dark gaze, edgy with Otherness, scanned the foyer. She watched from the shadows, cocooned in Cole’s heat, heady scent and strong arms. The Lord of Shadows behind her remained relaxed. A thin veil of darkness shielded her vision, almost as though Cole had thrown some sort of invisibility cloak over them. Tension knotted Raven’s shoulders.
The smooth veneer of Luke’s polished business image slipped away, and his piercing gaze roamed the entrance. She flinched when it reached her. Instead of tensing or letting out some sort of dark fae war cry, Luke’s menacing gaze passed over her and Cole without hesitation.
Luke glided across the floor. No other word described his progress. Technically, he moved one foot after the other and his boots hit the old tiles of the foyer, but he walked with a fluidity only an Other could pull off. He flowed across the room without effort, like one of those dancers on TV, just without the fancy footwork.
He paused at the elevator. He tilted his head and stared at the closed metallic doors for a minute. Raven held her breath. Instead of pushing the button for the elevator, Luke pivoted and took the stairs.
The fluorescent lights in the lobby buzzed. One flickered. When the second-floor door creaked to announce he’d arrived on her brother’s floor, Raven let out a long breath. The tension eased from her body, and she slumped against Cole.
Against the Patron Fae of Assassins.
Instantly, the tension returned. She bolted forward.
The strong arms anchoring her in place released her. She stumbled a few steps and flung out her arms. Her hand slapped the wall, and she stopped her forward-propelling body before completely face-planting.
She spun around.
The shadows withdrew, revealing Cole in all his drool-worthy glory. Amusement danced in his dark, intense gaze, only a foot away.
“You smell of the rain,” he whispered.

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About the Author:
J. C. McKenzie is a book-loving, gumboot-wearing, unapologetic science geek. She's the author of the Carus Series, an urban fantasy five-book saga published by the Wild Rose Press. Born and raised on the West Coast, J. C. sets the majority of her books in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, Canada. She writes urban fantasy and paranormal romance.

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  1. Raven Crawford knows better than to venture into the seductive world of the dark fae or agree to any of their salacious promises. She plans to pay off her debts so she can get on with her life and stay far away from the denizens of the Underworld.custom blankets