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The Fire that Inspired Flaming Crimes by Chrys Fey (Part 8)

AUTHOR NOTE: Many scenes in Flaming Crimes (Disaster Crimes #4) came from real life. For this short blog tour, I am sharing my memories as a ten-part continuous story, so hop along for the entire experience.

Series: Disaster Crimes #4
Page Count: 304 
Digital Price: 4.99 
Print Price: 16.99
Rating: Spicy (PG13) 


The next day, I saw the fire’s destruction in the light of day. The woods all around my house had burned down. Trees were blackened, without leaves and with fewer branches. The palmetto bushes had been reduced to burnt stumps. About a yard of green grass on the sides of my house was all that remained; the fire had come so close. Even the woods directly across from my house was gone. But my house still stood, untouched.
The firefighters had even stopped the fire in the back from burning our yard. They kept it at bay on all sides. Our entire property, in the middle of an ocean of blackness, was saved.
But not everything….
The cat who had run out the door had returned in the middle of the night. She was burned. Her name was Angel. She lived for a handful of days before passing away on my birthday.


Donovan scanned the road and the woods for a shuddering feline but couldn’t spot one. The lots between the few houses on this street were untouched, except for the one directly behind their house. That lot had flames taller than him. Another firetruck was posted there, draining water from its tank. He maneuvered around it to the other side and slowly drove along the edge of the road, with his eyes on the fire. Beth was silent behind him, also staring.

Near the end of the street, black stumps became visible. Everything was smoking—piles of ashes, trees, and the ground itself. Although it looked dead, he knew there was still life beneath the smoking heaps and charred bark. The trees would grow new bark, branches, and leaves. Grass would poke through the ashes, and bushes would fill it again. Not immediately, but over a few years, it would flourish into the woods it had been yesterday.

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About the Author: Chrys Fey is the author of the Disaster Crimes Series, a unique concept blending romance, crimes, and disasters. She’s partnered with the Insecure Writer’s Support Group and runs their Goodreads book club. She’s also an editor for Dancing Lemur Press.

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When life gives you lemons – or – what I did this summer

Earlier this year we had a mess that turned into a bigger problem.

My front yard used to be shaded by the biggest turtle oak tree I’ve ever seen. Two landscapers and a tree surgeon had stopped by the house at different times to tell me how amazing the tree was. I was told they don’t usually live long enough to grow as big as mine. It stood approximately eighty feet tall and was incredibly healthy. I was proud of my tree.

Living in Florida isn’t always easy. We were hit by a tropical storm that broke a limb from the tree. Our extra carport was destroyed. We cleared the damage and put up a new although temporary carport. No big deal.

Soon after the carport had been replaced a new problem was discovered. There was a large black spot on the side of the tree. People came by to give their opinions on what could have caused the spot; a virus, a lightning strike, rot…we called the tree guy.

He said the spot was water coming down from an opening made by the storm damage. The tree was ruined. Our magnificent turtle oak would have to come down. (Of course we’d have to take the carport out of the way in order to do it) I was so disappointed.

It took an entire day and a good part of our savings. The equipment left ugly ruts in the lawn and destroyed part of my new shrubs, but the guys helped put the carport back in place to make amends.

However, I still had a problem. What could I do to make up for the loss of my beautiful tree?

Here’s what I did~

Friday, July 21, 2017


Welcome to my blog, Beth, and thank you for bringing beautiful pictures of your garden to share with our visitors.

Thanks so much for having me on your blog, Sandra. I’m excited to be back into time travels again. The blend of history, mystery, fantasy, romance, and the paranormal were a fun meld to write in Somewhere My Lady (Book 1, Ladies in Time). I set the story in my home state of Virginia, as I have all my time travels thus far. Although, that’s not necessarily where the characters end up.
I live on a farm in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley that’s been in my husband’s family for several generations, but the story unfolds in an 18th century manor along the James River. Harrison Hall, in Somewhere My Lady, is fashioned after Shirley Plantation with elements of my father’s family home in the valley, a beautiful brick house, circa 1816, called Chapel Hill.
I’m fascinated with the past and enjoy researching different eras. Not only do I sometimes get plot ideas this way, but it helps me bring the story to life. I love old homes, have lived in several, and visited many. Research into family genealogy is the original inspiration behind my writing. My ancestors arrived in the early colonial days and left interesting accounts. One line goes back to Jamestown, another to the Salem Witch Trials. They were caught up in the French and Indian War, some taken captive, and fought in the American Revolution, the Civil War…
Gardening is also a passion of mine. I love to grow herbs and heirlooms flowers with their rich connection to the past. I included a lovely garden in Somewhere My Lady, and used herbs in the story. Inhale deeply as you read.
‘Somewhere My Lady is a fun supernatural romance that will have you slipping in and out of the past and future as if you were a spirit yourself.’’ ~Colleen’s Book Reviews

Story Blurb:
Lorna Randolph is hired for the summer at Harrison Hall in Virginia, where Revolutionary-War reenactors provide guided tours of the elegant old home. She doesn't expect to receive a note and a kiss from the handsome young man who then vanishes into mist.
Harrison Hall itself has plans for Lorna – and for Hart Harrison, her momentary suitor and its 18th century heir. Past and present are bound by pledges of love, and modern science melds with old skills and history as Harrison Hall takes Lorna and Hart through time in a race to solve a mystery and save Hart's life before the Midsummer Ball.


Something about him held her spellbound…the tilt of his head, arch of his brow, glimpse of his profile… She followed his every move with the fixity of an owl.

He turned blue-gray eyes toward her and sensuous lips curved into a smile on his handsome face. Hands down. No contest. He was the hottest guy ever. Her heart beat a thrilling new rhythm.

He circled closer to where she stood rooted in the foyer, not moving a toe, scarcely drawing breath. Did he truly see her backed tremulously against the wall, or did it only feel that way?

Unlike the others in the ghostly assembly, his eyes didn’t skirt past her. He paused in the dance. Bending at the shoulders, he tipped his hand to her in a genteel flourish.

He’d freakin’ bowed. Her jaw dropped. He most definitely saw her. And she sure as heck saw him.

A sparking sizzle jumped between them, awakening her as she’d never been roused before. Even more than when the house charged through her at her arrival. It was as if she were plugged in—to him.

How that could be, she had no idea, but when he gazed into her eyes, time seemed to stop. She spiraled into moonless stars, and back again to this dizzying realm. To him. Even if she were dreaming, she’d never forget this moment.~

Somewhere My Lady is available from all major online booksellers. In Kindle at:

Author Bio: Married to my high school sweetheart, I live on a farm in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia surrounded by my human family and fur babies. An avid gardener, my love of herbs and heirloom plants figures into my work. The rich history of Virginia, the Native Americans, and the people who journeyed here from far beyond her borders are at the heart of my inspiration. I’m especially drawn to colonial America and the drama of the American Revolution. And I love a good ghost story. In addition to Young Adult and New Adult fantasy romance, I also write historical, time travel, and paranormal romance, plus nonfiction.

Author Links:
My Amazon Author Page where all my books reside:

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What is a Fenian Warrior?

Mary Morgan is back to answer this question and tell us about her spectacular new series about them.


“You met them in the Order of the Dragon Knights. Now, journey to the realm of the Fae and witness their legends!"

Fenian Warrior, Conn MacRoich has traveled the earth for thousands of years, guarding the realm between mortal and Fae. His deeds are legendary. Yet, one mistake will force him on a journey to fix a broken time-line. However, on Conn’s quest, he must face a human female who will eventually bring this ancient warrior to his knees. 

When Ivy O’Callaghan inherits her uncle’s estate, she never imagines there will be more secrets to unravel, including the one she hides from the world. With the help of a mysterious stranger, she learns to trust and step out of the shadows. However, nothing prepares Ivy when she learns Conn's true identity. 

As the loom of fate weaves a thread around the lovers from two different worlds, will the sacrifices they make lead them to love? Or will their secrets destroy and separate them forever?


Me: Welcome to my blog, Mary. You know I’ve been a fan since the first Dragon Knight book. I thought there’d never be anything as wonderful as a Dragon Knight, but now I’ve fallen in love with a Fenian Warrior as well.
In case we have guests who haven’t yet had the pleasure of reading Quest of a Warrior please explain what a Fenian Warrior is.

Mary: Of course. A Fenian Warrior is part of a group—the Brotherhood of elite warriors within the Fae world. They safeguard the realm between Fae and human. These warriors have the power to travel through time called, the Veil of Ages. They are often summoned by the Fae council to restore balance in the mortal world, or to aid humans in need of assistance. 

Me: One of the many things I love about your writing is how visual it is. What do you do to place yourself in the fae realm? What is the atmosphere like where you write?

Mary: I have an extremely vivid imagination, and a great love of fantasy. Therefore, delving deeper into the Fae world was like being in a candy store filled with chocolate for me. I created a lush, bucolic realm full of everything I would want if I lived there. When I was writing Quest of a Warrior, I listened to instrumental Celtic music, and my writing desk overlooks my garden. In a sense, I’m surrounded by the elements of the Fae kingdom—from special rocks on my travels, crystals, and fresh flowers. 

Me: In all the books I’ve read of yours one thing stands out. Your heroines are never shrinking violets. Tell us who inspired your character Ivy?

Mary: Ahh…Ivy Kathleen. My dear sprite! The only inspiration was my love of Ireland. Ivy emerged one day—short, shy, and full of sass! It took me by surprise, since I thought the heroine was going to be different. I first envisioned her taller and with long hair, not this pixie. Ironically, she reminds me of Tinkerbell. I never truly know what to expect when plotting out the beginning of a story (Yes, I’m part plotter and panster). It has to feel right—for the story and for the character. I warned Conn that the woman who entered his heart would be one that could destroy him. And she did bring this ancient warrior to his knees. 

Me: One thing that cannot go without mention is your fabulous cover. Who was the artist and did she depict Conn the way you had imagined him?

Mary: Thanks, Sandra! I’ve been blessed to have the fabulous Debbie Taylor design all my covers. She did a phenomenal job of capturing the spirit of Conn. I was literally speechless the first time I saw the cover. Yes, my jaw did drop open. If you noticed, the green foliage swirling around Conn in the water is ivy. How perfect, right?

Me: I’m sure you’ve at least planned your next book. Who will be my next warrior book-boyfriend?

Mary: Absolutely, Sandra! I’m already writing the second Fenian Warrior’s story. It’s called, Oath of a Warrior, and features Rory MacGregor. It will be set in Scotland, late 1600’s. I will share this…Rory has kept a deep, dark secret from the Brotherhood—one that will slowly emerge while he’s confined within the Fae prison. My heart aches for him already.

Author Bio:

Award-winning Scottish paranormal romance author, Mary Morgan, resides in Northern California, with her own knight in shining armor. However, during her travels to Scotland, England, and Ireland, she left a part of her soul in one of these countries and vows to return.
Mary's passion for books started at an early age along with an overactive imagination. She spent far too much time daydreaming and was told quite often to remove her head from the clouds. It wasn't until the closure of Borders Books where Mary worked that she found her true calling--writing romance. Now, the worlds she created in her mind are coming to life within her stories.

Author Links:


More about the book and where to find it...

“Intoxication can unleash the beast within a Fae.” ~Chronicles of the Fae
Conn fought the bolt of desire spearing a path throughout his body. Her touch spoke volumes—an invitation to taste. Never had he longed to kiss a human like this wee lass. His heart beat loudly, and he found himself unable to move. She was a Goddess of the moonlight. It danced off her face and hair, and he trembled before her. Ivy’s fingers traced down his cheek and across his lips. He was helpless to contain the growl that escaped from his mouth.

The rush of passion overtook him, and Conn slammed the door on his mind. Grasping Ivy around the waist, he hoisted her up on top of the bridge. Her lips parted on a sigh, and he lowered his mouth to feast on something he dared not take. The first brush of her soft lips against his own ignited a hunger he could no longer contain. Taking her moan deep into him, Conn glorified in the sensation of her mouth—one filled with a honeyed sweetness.

The Fae warrior became just a man for the first time. Something primal burst within him. Emotions he had never felt left him dizzy, spiraling to a physical plane. He craved them all. His lips seared a course down her neck, to her throat, and then recaptured the velvet warmth of her mouth.

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Thanks so much for hosting me on your blog, Sandra! And I’m thrilled to hear you’ve enjoyed Quest of a Warrior and found another “book-boyfriend!”   

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Spotlight: the newest debut novel from TWRP

Need You Now
by Dei Araujo
Love's Paradise Series – book #1

Rating: Spicy 
Page Count: 294
The Wild Rose Press
Romantic Suspense

Nothing compared to the horror Amaranth Wallace felt upon discovering her babysitter beaten and her autistic son missing. To get him back, she must put all her faith in her ex-lover, the very man she vowed to avoid forever. 

One steamy and mind-blowing night with Amaranth and Nicholas was hooked. But when she chose his half-brother over him, Nicholas turned his back on her and love. Now fate has brought them back together, and Nicholas must revisit old wounds that run deep with the woman who broke his heart. 

Can Amaranth and Nicholas put their torrid history aside to find her son and get a chance at love?

Nicholas paused mid-turn at the mention of her name. Amaranth was in his office. Completing the rotation, he took in her appearance. The worn photo he had held onto for so long didn’t do her any justice. She was still a breath of fresh air, but time had matured her girlish features into the breathtaking vision that stared back at him. Her face was stern and proclaimed she wasn’t at his office for a reunion.
A sense of foreboding arrested him. Her eyes sparkled with fire as she made her way over to where he stood in front of the window. She wore a simple beige tank with a red bolero jacket and a pair of dark jeans that gripped every part of her curvaceous lower half. Crimson suede stilettos left wicked images dancing in his head.
Nicholas cleared his throat and met her the rest of the way. “Hello, Am.”
Out of nowhere, her hand connected with the side of his face with a stinging crack.
“Well, that wasn’t the kind of welcome I envisioned receiving from you,” he said as he ran a finger along the corner of his mouth. Because she was shorter than him by a good foot, the palm of her hand connected with part of his mouth and cheek. And boy did she pack some power behind it.
“My apologies for my lack of fanfare. I left the balloons and ticker tape at home,” she said.
“I’m sure you get off on throwing blows and receiving them, but maybe we could continue this little S&M session some other time, perhaps when I’m not at work.”
The steely, Amazon fa├žade she wore cracked for a split second revealing just how much his words had affected her. Her indifference toward him stung and like a petulant little boy, he wanted to lash out.
“Am, I’m sorry.” A slim hand shot up stopping his apology.
“Save it for someone who actually cares.”
This Amaranth wasn’t the same woman who was constantly at his brother’s beck and call. She stood as if she were ready to battle. No, she had a backbone and she was obviously there for a reason and not just to slap the taste out of his mouth. Coupled with the call from Roberto, all signs pointed toward his brother, and the sooner he discovered what Roberto had done, the sooner she could leave and his life could return to its boring existence.
“Why don’t we skip the pleasantries and get down to why you’re here,” he said.
She laughed. Had it not been tinged with anger, he would’ve thought it was lyrical.
“Like you have no idea.”
“Hello. Me asking you why. Clearly, I don’t know.”
Amaranth moved closer and his abdominals tightened in anticipation. Her light, sweet pea scent assailed his nostrils. A warm, tingling sensation danced throughout his entire body. He closed his eyes, imprinting every new part of her to his memory, then counted to five before opening them to stare down into her liquid brown eyes.
“I never thought for one minute that you’d actually act like you were cut from the same cloth as Roberto. How could you?” she asked.
“I’m not a mind reader, nor do I enjoy riddles so spill it already.”
She retreated, taking her captivating scent and warmth with her. He almost reached out to keep her closer to him.

Buy Links:

Dei Araujo is a multicultural romance author who began writing in the fifth grade. She enjoys reading and writing both historical and contemporary stories of love where color has no boundaries. A retired Air Force officer, Dei
comes from a proud military family. She’s living out her real-life love story in beautiful Miami, Florida, with her soulmate, and their four rambunctious boys. Need You Now, a romantic suspense, is her first novel.

Contact Links:

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ANGELS FLY ~ Donna Simonetta

!!!Currently on sale for 99 cents!!!

Title: Angels Fly
Author: Donna Simonetta
Word Count:  90,130
Page Count:  348
Sub-genre:  Fantasy romance
Heat Level:  Spicy

Two years after her husband’s death, Kelly believes her romantic life is done. Until she reconnects with her girlhood crush on social media, and as fate would have it, he lives across the street.

James is over the whole true-love thing. His grasping ex-wife tore that belief out of him, when she left him for a rich, old man. Then he finds out his first love moved to San Diego too, and their attraction burns as hot as ever.

What they don’t know is that Fate didn’t bring them together – the Guardian Angel Corps did, led by two unlikely Cupids – Kelly’s late husband and Zane, a rough and tumble, 19th century cowboy. When a Fallen Angel decides to tear Kelly and James apart, cherubs and harps aren’t going to cut it, and Zane’s unique skills might be just what they need to get a second chance at their first love.

Questions to Donna about ANGELS FLY:

This sounds like a great romance on its own, but you’ve made it unique by including angels to manipulate their fate. What inspired you to do that?

I wanted to add a paranormal aspect to this story, and I liked the idea of angels watching over us. My dad passed away twenty years ago this July, and it makes me happy to think that he’s still keeping a watchful eye on me!

You live in Maryland, but the book is set in California. Why California?

My brother-in-law lives on a houseboat in San Diego, and I fell in love with the city when we visited him!

Who made the gorgeous cover for this book? It’s definitely an eye catcher.

Thank you so much. The amazing Debbie Taylor designed this cover, and I just love it! My husband had the image put on a cellphone case for me, and printed on a canvas, which is stretched over a frame that hangs over my computer. Debbie also did the cover for my second book with The Wild Rose Press, A Sweeter Spot, and it’s another beauty! She does a great job of capturing the spirit and tone of a book!

She flashed a bright smile at her old friend,“I sent a friendrequest to Susie Davidson, and I want to see if she’s responded.”
“Susie Davidson,” Grace’s voice dripped with disdain, “we didn’t badger you into doing this so you could reconnect with Susie Davidson.”
“Hey, what’ve you got against old Susie? She was an integral part of our nerd squad in high school,” David said. “Right, Kel?” 
When she didn’t reply, he glanced over at his old friend to see her frozen at her computer, all the color drained from her face. “Kel, what’s wrong?”
“I didn’t hear from Susie, but I did get a message from James Flynn,” shewhispered.
David jumped to his feet and peeked over her shoulder at the computer screen. “Yummy James Flynn from Rye?”
Grace snickered, “Sounds like a sandwich. I’ll have a Yummy James Flynn on rye. Hold the mayo.”
Kelly and David swung their heads in unison to stare at her.
“What? It’s not my fault you two come from a town named after a bread.”
David shook his head mournfully and intoned, “Californians.”
“Native, baby.”  The blonde woman grinned playfully, “And don’t you New England Yankees forget it.”
“What does he say, Kel?” David asked with interest.
Kelly gulped, “He wanted to get in touch and maybe meet for a drink.”  She twisted her head to look up at David, her eyes huge on her pale face, “He lives here, David. In San Diego.”

Buy Links:
Barnes & Noble:
Amazon UK:
The Wild Rose Press:
Don’t waste time – 99 cents!

Author Bio:
My career has been a winding road. I worked in the business world for years, got my MLS and worked in a school library, and am now living my dream as an author. I love to read and write contemporary and fantasy romance. I live in Maryland, with my husband, who is my real-life romance hero. We both enjoy traveling to visit our far-flung family and friends, and spending time on the beach with an umbrella drink and a good book.

Contact Links:

Questions for Donna about Donna:

Do you have any old manuscripts collecting dust in your closet?

I sure do! I have the first two books of a high fantasy, romance trilogy packed away in a box. They are the first books I wrote, so they would definitely need polishing up, but I always intended to work on them and try to get them published. I love the characters and the story!

About how many books would you guess you own?

I can’t even begin to fathom a guess! My husband loves books and reads even more than I do. We have books on shelves, piled, and stacked, all over our house! Not to mention the ones on my Kindle!

How did you meet your real life hero?

Before I was an author, and before I was a librarian…so TWO careers ago…I was an Account Executive, and my now-husband was my client. It probably is a story I should write some day! Although, it would have to be historical fiction, because technology and communications methods have changed so much since then! Email was in its very early stages, and my cell phone was the size of Texas! Now we’d be texting and Facetiming, but back then, we had to send photographs to each other via snail-mail. When I was leaving that job to get married and move away, another client asked whom I was marrying. I told him it was another one of my clients, he said, “I didn’t realize that was a service you offered.” Lol!

It’s been a delight getting to know you, Donna, and hearing about ANGELS FLY.

Thank you so much for letting me visit today! I love having the chance to talk about ANGELS FLY! It holds a special place in my heart.

A question for our guests:

Have you ever had a second chance romance?

And don’t forget – ANGELS FLY is only 99 cents for a limited time. Buy it now.