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Title: The Co-Parent Project
Author: Sandra Dailey
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Publication Date: March 4, 2019
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Word Count: 66,872 (novel)

Rating: PG

Tag line:

Parenting style won't matter if they don't all survive.


Luca Wolff and Joy Sullivan are competing for guardianship of their estranged, teenage nephew, Eric, after his parents are killed in a plane crash. Evidence shows the crash wasn't an accident. Neither was a recent explosion that destroyed Luca's house. When a fire is intentionally set in Joy's home, suspicion points to Eric--and that's not the end of their trouble. 

Eric has been in his share of mischief, but now he has a chance to clean up his reputation. That's hard to do when the only people who believe in you are the ones you're accused of targeting. 

Just as Luca and Joy give in to romance, new information comes to light that could tear them apart along with Eric's dream for a happy family. 

The three have to set aside their grief, personal issues, and disagreements to figure out who is out to kill them…and why.


As soon as he walked through the door the smell of chemicals nearly drove him back outside. The odor was so strong it made his eyes water. He couldn’t take it anymore. “How can you live with the constant stench in this house?”

“I’m sorry. Mrs. Erving needed a perm today.” Joy walked in through the kitchen door carrying a squeeze bottle of mustard. “I was just making lunch. Would you like a ham and cheese sandwich?” 

“No thanks,” he snarled. “All I’d be able to taste is that nasty smell.” 

“How can you taste a smell?” 

“You’d know if your olfactory receptors weren’t burned away. That stuff has got to cause brain damage.” 

“Do you plan to claim it as a way to get Eric away from me? I wouldn’t put anything past a Wolff.”

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LYRICAL EMBRACE by Amber Daulton

Series: Deerbourne Inn (book 4)
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Release Date: February 11, 2019
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Length: 40k
Heat Rating: 3 Flames

Welcome to my blog, Amber. I've never featured a Deerbourne Inn book. Before we get started talking about LYRICAL EMBRACE can you tell us a little about the series?

The Deerbourne Inn series is a multi-author collaboration of novellas all set in the small fictional town of Willow Springs, Vermont. Each story focuses on one couple, the historic inn, small town life, and finding a happily ever after. The authors are sharing some of their main characters, and it’s been great fun working with them and tossing ideas back and forth. The series stock characters include most of the town’s inhabitants, and those secondary characters jump from story to story, so you never know who will show up in the next book.
The heat level ranges between sweet, sensual, and erotic. Some stories take place in the 1800s (around the town’s founding) and others are set in modern day, so there’s a little something for everyone.

Out-of-work violinist Erica Timberly decides enough is enough. She leaves her abusive boyfriend and flees the big city, but then her car breaks down in the middle of the night. Though wary of men, she accepts help from Dylan Haynes, a stranger driving by on the road, and soon recognizes him as the sexy former drummer of her favorite indie rock band. Maybe, just maybe, her run of bad luck is finally turning around.
Music teacher Dylan Haynes knows Erica is in trouble, and her black eye is only the first clue. The stubborn yet vulnerable woman needs a friend, but he’s determined to give her everything she deserves.
Will Erica listen to the music in her heart and trust Dylan, or will her past always threaten her future?


Erica leaned up and combed her fingers through her hair. “I’ve never made love outside before. It’s a surreal experience.”
“We can do it wherever you want. In an elevator, in an alley, in my car. I’m game anywhere and everywhere for as long as you want me.”
“I want you so much it hurts.”
Dylan thumbed her knuckles and hoped she meant that. “I don’t know how you feel about labels, but I haven’t had a girlfriend in years. I’ve just had flings, but I want more than that with you. I want us to be with each other and no one else. I want a relationship with you.”
Tears welled in her eyes. “I feel divided in two. A part of me thinks we’re moving too fast, but another part says to jump in with both feet. I want something real with you too. I don’t want to feel dirty after we fool around. Just make me happy. Will you do that, Dylan?”
Her soft, pain-filled words struck Dylan like a dagger in his gut, and he bit the insides of his cheeks to steady his features.
Her ex-boyfriend had probably called her names and degraded her after they would find release in each other’s body, and the bastard likely never cared if she reached climax at all.
“I understand, Erica. I promise to treat you with nothing but respect, and I will do my very best to make you happy. I swear you will always scream your head off in pleasure every time I touch you. I’m not the sort of man to get my jollies off and leave my girl hanging.”
Her lips twitched up in a grin. “That’s good to hear.”
“So are you my girl?”
“Yeah, I’m your girl.” Erica giggled and tapped her fingers on his chest. “How could I not be? You make a very compelling argument, but I will have to hold you to it. I’m definitely looking forward to screaming every time you touch me.”
“Let’s rest, and then we’ll play again. The night’s early, and I’ve only just begun.”

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About the Author

Amber Daulton is the author of the romantic-suspense series Arresting Onyx and several standalone novellas. Her books are published through The Wild Rose Press and Books to Go Now, and are available in ebook, print on demand, audio, and foreign language formats.
Amber lives in North Carolina with her husband and four demanding cats. Feel free to visit her at

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I'm so glad to share the news of your new release with my readers, Amber. We're all wishing you good luck and great sales for LYRICAL EMBRACE.

Thank you so much, Sandra. I love meeting new readers, and I've enjoyed stopping by your blog.

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Tena Stetler ~ A MAGIC REDEMPTION and Sale

Before I turn my blog over to Tena today, I want a minute to tell you why I love her A Demon's Witch Series:
She gives us every type of supernatural being you can imagine, BUT they live in our world. Not far into the first book, you begin to think about your hair stylist, the cashier at your grocery store, the person who delivers your mail. What kind of creatures might they be - demon, witch, gryphon? And, what might they be up to? I'll let Tena take over now to show you more.

Good Morning and Happy New Year Sandy!  Thanks for inviting me over to talk about my new release A MAGIC REDEMPTION. I am so excited! Psssst... Did you know the book that started it all A DEMON’S WITCH is on sale at only 99 cents for a limited time?

Synn the heroine of A Magic Redemption, fifth book of A Demon’s Witch Series, bounced into being during the writing of A Vampire’s Unlikely Alliance (third book in the series). I was surprised to see her transformation from a controlled warrior assassin that finally failed to do her master’s bidding. She risked her life to share important information with Bruce, the Demon Overlord of the Western Hemisphere for the benefit of man and magic kind. In exchange she was given her freedom. She settled in Ireland, the land of myths and legends. Discovering what it was like to be part of a family again was not without its risks.

She was much more of a spit-fire than I imagined. Not having given the character much thought until my editor, Lill, asked me what happened to Synn and Gavin at the end of A Vampire’s Unlikely Alliance. It gave me pause, until Synn danced through my mind, tapping her tiny foot and demanding that I write her story. Now! Gavin took flight right behind her in support of her demands. What choice did I have? A Magic Redemption was born.

I hope the readers have as much fun reading her story as I did writing it.

A little about A MAGIC REDEMPTION:
Synn, a demon, carries extraordinary magic and power, but there is more within her than she dreams. Kidnapped as a child, her captors murdered her family and forced her into training as a warrior assassin. When an assignment goes horribly wrong, she finds herself at the mercy of the friends and family of her intended target.  Offering valuable information in exchange for protection, she gains her freedom, but it is not without its challenges.

Gavin Shaughnessy is the publican at his family’s Irish pub.  He is certain Synn is meant to be his and isn’t bothered by her past.  He must find a way to convince her, their future together is stronger than the dark memories that haunt her dreams.

When her past comes calling for revenge, will their love survive the raging inferno she brings down upon them? Or will the searing path of destruction destroy all they hold dear?

Exclusive peek between the pages of A MAGIC REDEMPTION:
The forest below gave way to white capped waves on the ocean. She tightened her hold around him. The flight was disconcerting, but she felt so free. The breeze swept her hair from her face, and her shirt flapped behind her. Awe of his ability crashed around her as he banked left and spiraled downward toward a tiny island. They landed in a lush meadow. Tall grass swayed in the backwash of air caused by their arrival.

Easing off his back, she set his bag on the ground and turned in a circle taking in her surroundings. She froze as rustling in a bush only a few yards from where they stood caught her attention. A shimmering white unicorn bounded toward them but veered to the left at the last moment and disappeared.  She scrubbed her hand over her face and rubbed her eyes. When she opened them again, a water sprite appeared rose from the creek ahead for them for a moment then her form returned to the babbling stream.  Crooked trees surrounding the meadow seemed to get closer each time she looked away and then back. The rock ledge's shape between the meadow and ocean was rounded when they first landed. Now, it had sharp outcroppings and appeared to be changing again. Creatures flitted in an out of the trees and slithered through the grass so quickly, she couldn't be sure what she was seeing.
Cool arms reached around her and she squealed. Balling up a fist, she swung.  When she opened her hand, sparks danced on her palm and froze. She was so entranced at the surroundings that she'd failed to notice Gavin's transformation.  He shifted from behind to beside her and covered her hand with his extinguishing the sparks. "Remember, think before you react."
“Where the hell are we? Did you see the unicorn? It wasn’t real, was it? Those are only myths. Right?” She wrinkled her forehead as her eyes rounded taking in the shimmering magic before her.
“We are on one of the Phantom Islands.”
“But those don’t really exist.” She paused and stared at him. “Do they?”

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A little about A Demon’s Witch:
Keeping a lid on all the paranormal beings inhabiting Washington D.C., is a daunting job. Bruce, a six hundred year old demon and the Territory Overlord of the Western Hemisphere, keeps his finger on the pulse of DC’s power players through the activities at his highly successful Wycked Hair Salon. His movie star good looks and body builder physique keeps his dance card full and the rumor mills running.  Within these walls, his anonymity is safe, mostly.
            Bruce’s world spins out of control when Angelique, a pint size, gorgeous witch, with an attitude breezes through the doors of his salon. She is the younger sister of Tristian, Bruce’s long time trusted enforcer, whose professional skills are second to none. Tristian is furious at the relationship between Bruce and Angelique, a dangerous situation, but something darker awaits them all. Yet undeniable attraction between demon and witch promises to tear apart both their professional and personal worlds.

About the Author:
Tena Stetler is a best-selling author of award winning paranormal romance. She has an over-active imagination, which led to writing her first vampire romance as a tween to the chagrin of her mother and delight of her friends. After many years as a paralegal, then an IT Manager, she decided to live out her dream of pursuing a publishing career.
With the Rocky Mountains outside her window, she sits at her computer surrounded by a wide array of witches, shapeshifters, demons, faeries, and gryphons, with a Navy SEAL or two mixed in telling their tales. Her books tell stories of magical kick-ass women and mystical alpha males that dare to love them. Travel, adventure and a bit of mystery flourish in her books along with a few companion animals to round out the tales.
Colorado is home; shared with her husband of many moons, a brilliant Chow Chow, a spoiled parrot and a forty-five-year-old box turtle. When she’s not writing, her time is spent kayaking, camping, hiking, biking or just relaxing in the great Colorado outdoors. During the winter you can find her curled up in front of a crackling fire with a good book, a mug of hot chocolate and a big bowl of popcorn.
Contact Information:
My Say What Blog -
Twitter Page:     
Tribber -



This just in!!!


Congratulations, Tena Stetler

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Trial of a Warrior ~ Mary Morgan

What could possibly be as sexy and intriguing as Mary Morgan's Dragon Knights? There's only one answer - A Fenian Warrior. It's been my pleasure to feature each one on my blog as they've become known to the world. Today, Mary Morgan is here to tell us about her third Fenian Warrior, Liam, and the beautiful princess, Abela.

"You met them in the Order of the Dragon Knights. Now, journey to the realm of the Fae and witness their legends!”

A warrior sentenced to die.

On trial for breaking a supreme Fae law, Fenian Warrior, Liam MacGregor has no regrets. He is prepared to accept his sentence—even if it means his death. However, freedom comes in an unexpected manner, and brings with it certain dangers as he travels through the Veil of Ages. 

A princess honor-bound to remain hidden.

Princess Abela might be a priestess and the daughter of royalty, but that doesn’t prevent her from doing the unimaginable. She sacrifices duty and honor to set free the man who captured her heart so many years ago. No matter the severity of his crimes, she cannot let Liam die.

A rescue that will bring about a war and divide a kingdom!   

In their quest to secure a treaty to forestall Liam’s death sentence, they must fight their desires for one another, as well as the Fenian Warriors sent to capture them. 

Hi Sandra! I’m delighted to be on your blog today and share some insight behind the scenes of my new release, Trial of a Warrior. Initially, you meet these warriors in my first series, Order of the Dragon Knights. I knew one day I would have to write each of their stories.

I have always been fascinated with Celtic mythology, so it only made sense that I would develop and expand the world of the Fenian Fae Warriors. Theirs was a world rich in legends, colors, and senses. I’ve based my own fictional account on the legend of the Tuatha Dé Danann—one of the invasions of Ireland. They were known as the Shining Ones or the Fae.

The Tuatha Dé Danann was defeated in two battles by the Milesians, whom historians and scholars alike agree were probably the first Gaels in Ireland. It was agreed that the new invaders (Milesians) and the Tuatha Dé Danann would each rule half of Ireland. Therefore, it was that Amergin of the Milesians chose that half of Ireland which lay above ground, leaving the Tuatha Dé Danann to retreat below. They were led underground by Manannán mac Lir, God of the Sea, who shielded them with an enchanted mist from mortal eyes. As time passed, they became known as the Sidhe (Shee), or Ireland’s faery folk.

With my warriors, there is nothing diminutive with these heroes. They’re ancient, extremely tall, and commanding. As always, it will take a strong woman to stand beside these ancient Fae.

I have never had a story developed so quickly as Trial of a Warrior. Princess Abela stunned me one cold winter morning when she stepped forth within my thoughts and Liam’s prison. Uncertainty filled me as I fought against her choice for the heroine. Yet, she refused to leave, and I yielded to her demands. After all, she is royalty.

In the end, it was a perfect match.

Liam and Abela took me on an amazing adventure. I allowed these characters to involve me—the writer—on their epic journey. We also learned that the greatest Fenian Warrior, Aidan Kerrigan, had his own secret. Did I know this important fact? No. The warrior chose not to reveal this particular information until I was almost finished writing the story.

And this is what happens in the life of a writer. Some elements of a story unfold immediately before we hit the first keystroke. However, there are times when you have nothing, and when you sit down to begin, the characters reveal the story to you.

He could feel her heart beating against his skin, and the air cooled around them. Sunlight faded, and he slowly lifted his head. Unable to focus on their surroundings, he rolled over and brought her still quaking body against his chest. He tried to calm his own rapidly beating heart and closed his eyes. When he finally did open them, he glanced upward.

“Where is our sunshine?” asked Abela, her question muffled against his chest.

He stroked a hand down her back. “The sun and moon are as one.”

Abela visibly shuddered, her eyes growing wide. “No,” she whispered.

Liam wiped a finger across her worried brow. “What troubles you? It is only a solar eclipse.”

“Have you not heard the legends about a Fae witnessing the appearance of both—sun and moon—at the same time?”

“I believe it is only a tale told of—”

“Two Fae who defied the kingdom and married,” she interrupted.

“And they were banished,” he concluded, kissing her lips. “It is a story about a couple on our homeland, Taralyn. I do recall it was when the moons crossed with the sun. We are in the mortal world.”

She pursed her lips in concentration. “Yes, you are correct.” Glancing over her shoulder, she added, “Yet, can this similar occurrence be an omen?”

Liam cupped her cheek, forcing her to meet his stare. “Again, we are in the human world and not our own. This does not apply to us.” Tucking a strand of hair behind her ear, he asked, “Are you truly worried? Have I brought you shame?” He held his breath, fearing her reply.

“No, no,” she whispered against his lips. “I have waited a lifetime to be with you, Liam. My heart is yours. It has always been yours. Why do you think I freed you?” She swallowed. “I love you.”

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Author Bio
Multi award-winning Celtic paranormal and fantasy romance author, Mary Morgan, resides in Northern California with her own knight in shining armor. However, during her travels to Scotland, England, and Ireland, she left a part of her soul in one of these countries and vows to return.
Mary's passion for books started at an early age along with an overactive imagination. Inspired by her love for history and ancient Celtic mythology, her tales are filled with powerful warriors, brave women, magic, and romance. It wasn't until the closure of Borders Books where Mary worked that she found her true calling by writing romance. Now, the worlds she created in her mind are coming to life within her stories.

If you enjoy history, tortured heroes, and a wee bit of magic, then time-travel within the pages of her books.

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Dare to journey with the Dragon Knights of Scotland!

They were an ancient order descended from the great Tuatha De Danann, a tribe from the Goddess Danu. Half human and half fae, each blessed with mystical powers. They were also given holy relics and guardianship over the dragons.

With the dawn of Christianity, the dragons were systematically hunted down and slain leaving only one. The Dragon Knights took her from Ireland to a land across the sea, settling in the Great Glen near Urquhart. The clan was known as the MacKay clan, descendants from the MacAoidh.

Yet, there were those who deemed the Order had too much power, and they tried to possess it for themselves. They were evil and twisted, and their plan succeeded one fateful night.

The Clan MacKay is no longer.

The Dragon Knights are scattered across the land.

Yet out of the darkness, they will each fight for redemption, and the women they love.

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Learning to Love ~ Jennifer Wilck

Dina Jacobs is a single librarian who has never fit in due to her off-the-charts intelligence, frizzy hair and rounder-than-socially-acceptable figure. She left her past behind until she receives an invitation to her ten-year high school reunion, and all her insecurities return.
Adam Mandel is a single corporate attorney who just missed his third deadline at his father's law firm, the law firm where he is up for junior partner. With his reputation on the line, Adam needs all the help he can get to convince his father that he deserves the promotion.

When Dina and Adam run into each other on a deserted road, Dina thinks Mr. Flashypants can't possibly be interested in someone like her. Adam thinks Dina is just the person to help him improve his reputation. Lies and insecurities force them to take a look at themselves. Can they trust each other to look beyond the surface?

Thanks for stopping by today, Jennifer. I love letting my friends know about what’s new on the bookshelf.

No problem, Sandra. Thanks so much for inviting me.

I can’t wait to find out what happens. If there’s one thing we all have in common, it’s our own insecurities. We wonder how others handle them, and perhaps, overcome them. Let’s read an example of what we can find between the covers.

What the hell just happened? She wanted to be friends. The only kind of “friend” he wanted to be with her had “boy” attached to it. No, that wasn’t true. He enjoyed her friendship because he loved talking to her, hearing her opinions, sharing himself with her.
But he was becoming more attracted to her. So far, they’d only kissed, but that one kiss, that unbelievable kiss, haunted him. His lips still burned where they’d touched hers, his insides still turned to jelly when he thought about it. In fact, he’d been hoping there would have been more kissing in her apartment once he’d apologized for his gaffe.
But she’d focused on their arrangement and her overreaction, and here he was pulling away from the curb into rush hour traffic.
She thought he was dating her only to impress his father. If he were one hundred percent honest with himself, he’d acknowledge the partial truth in that statement. But the more time he spent time with her, when he wasn’t royally screwing things up with her, the more he wanted to move beyond their arrangement.
His head was another matter. It was still focused on not making a fool of himself, on maintaining the right reputation, on spinning the right message.
But listening to his head was probably what had gotten him into this mess in the first place. As unbelievable as it might sound, it was time to follow his heart.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I can’t wait to find out where his heart takes him. I guess we need to order the book to find out the rest. You can do that by using your choice of these links…

Thanks for sharing the news of your new book with us Jennifer. I’d like to ask a few ‘Get-to-know-you’ questions. Let’s talk about your writing process.

1-     What is your favorite part? My favorite part of the writing process is when I first get inspired with a story idea—whether it’s a scene or a character or whatever. When that happens, I literally can’t wait to sit in front of my computer and disappear into that world while I write it all down.
2-     What is your biggest challenge? Well, there are two, actually. One is finding that inspiration. And the other is editing. I write best when the inspiration hits on its own, rather than being coaxed, but that doesn’t always happen. And editing—oy. That’s time consuming and doubt-inducing, but essential, just not as much fun.
3-     What was your most unusual inspiration? As I mentioned, most of my books start from inspiration about a character or a scene. But to write In the Moment, my first book with The Wild Rose Press, my inspiration came from a house. There was this old Victorian mansion that was for sale in the next town and my daughters and I went to the open house just to get a chance to peek inside it. The place was beautiful and I would have loved to have bought it if I had a spare million or two hanging around. So instead, I turned the house into the setting for that book.
4-     What was your most unusual resource? For Five Minutes to Love, the hero and heroine meet at a speed-dating event. I’ve never been—my husband and I met in college—so I needed to find a way to learn more about it without actually going through the process (my husband is understanding, but even he has his limits). We happened to be out to dinner with friends in New York City and the restaurant we were at was hosting a speed-dating event. So I grabbed my daughter and we spied on it.
5-     What is the one thing you must have at your writing space? Can I pick three? Food, coffee and windows to look out of.

More about Jennifer Wilck:
Jennifer started telling herself stories as a little girl when she couldn’t fall asleep at night. Pretty soon, her head was filled with these stories and the characters that populated them. Even as an adult, she thinks about the characters and stories at night before she falls asleep or walking the dog. Eventually, she started writing them down. Her favorite stories to write are those with smart, sassy, independent heroines; handsome, strong and slightly vulnerable heroes; and her stories always end with happily ever after.

In the real world, she’s the mother of two amazing daughters and wife of one of the smartest men she knows. When she’s not writing, she loves to laugh with her family and friends, is a pro at finding whatever her kids lost in plain sight, and spends way too much time closing doors that should never have been left open in the first place. She believes humor is the only way to get through the day and does not believe in sharing her chocolate.

She writes contemporary romance, some of which are mainstream and some of which involve Jewish characters. She’s published with The Wild Rose Press and all her books are available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

To contact Jennifer and learn about her other work:

Thanks again for spending this time with us, Jennifer. LEARNING TO LOVE sounds as good as its beautiful cover looks.

I loved writing the quirky heroine and being able to redeem the hero. It was a great story to write and I hope people enjoy it. Thanks again for hosting me, Sandra!

Please feel free to comment or ask questions below. Also, you can use the social media icons to spread the word about this post with your friends.