Saturday, February 16, 2019


Title: The Co-Parent Project
Author: Sandra Dailey
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Publication Date: March 4, 2019
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Word Count: 66,872 (novel)

Rating: PG

Tag line:

Parenting style won't matter if they don't all survive.


Luca Wolff and Joy Sullivan are competing for guardianship of their estranged, teenage nephew, Eric, after his parents are killed in a plane crash. Evidence shows the crash wasn't an accident. Neither was a recent explosion that destroyed Luca's house. When a fire is intentionally set in Joy's home, suspicion points to Eric--and that's not the end of their trouble. 

Eric has been in his share of mischief, but now he has a chance to clean up his reputation. That's hard to do when the only people who believe in you are the ones you're accused of targeting. 

Just as Luca and Joy give in to romance, new information comes to light that could tear them apart along with Eric's dream for a happy family. 

The three have to set aside their grief, personal issues, and disagreements to figure out who is out to kill them…and why.


As soon as he walked through the door the smell of chemicals nearly drove him back outside. The odor was so strong it made his eyes water. He couldn’t take it anymore. “How can you live with the constant stench in this house?”

“I’m sorry. Mrs. Erving needed a perm today.” Joy walked in through the kitchen door carrying a squeeze bottle of mustard. “I was just making lunch. Would you like a ham and cheese sandwich?” 

“No thanks,” he snarled. “All I’d be able to taste is that nasty smell.” 

“How can you taste a smell?” 

“You’d know if your olfactory receptors weren’t burned away. That stuff has got to cause brain damage.” 

“Do you plan to claim it as a way to get Eric away from me? I wouldn’t put anything past a Wolff.”


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