Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Renee Charles ~ Changes in Autumn

I’m excited to have Renee Charles with us today. Renee recently released her novella, ‘Changes in Autumn’.  As most of you know, I don’t often read PR, but this book was unique. I’m not going to give you a full review. I’ll do that on Amazon. But I want you to know it’s a must read.

Thanks for being my guest today, Renee. Please tell us a little about yourself away from the keyboard.

Thank you for having me, Sandra. I love to play outside. Camp, snow mobile, wheeling…oh, and I got a new rig, which I plan to start wheeling this summer. No more passenger seat for me on the trail. I do, however, hate fishing. I like eating it, but can’t stand the thought of poking the worm with a hook, not once, but twice, then drowning the poor guy. Just snap him in half and get it over with for God’s sake. 

Not many of us run into werewolves every day, but you detail Conner’s way of life and community so well. What inspired ‘Changes in Autumn’?

I camp and wheel in the town the book is set in. I love being outdoors, and own a jeep. Heck, I could be Conner, except for the rich part, oh and the werewolf part, oh yeah and I’m a girl. Other than that we are spot on.

Will you write a sequel or maybe even a series? Personally, I’d love to read Mac’s story. Tell us what’s on the computer now.

Funny you should mention that. Yep, Mac is on the back burner simmering away. I loved him as soon as I wrote him. Brooding and complicated. As soon as he comes to a boil, I’ll start writing his story. Right now I am polishing a Zombie Apocalypse Romance with my editor, and that should be out (cross your fingers) this summer. (Don’t worry, there is no Zombie loving…seems to be everyone’s first thought. You know us romance authors and our dirty minds, well some of us anyways.  and ewwwww…..)

Before I get too carried away, tell our guests a little about ‘Changes in Autumn’.

Ex-animal control officer, Autumn Reynolds always had a soft spot for injured animals. So when one shows up on her porch with a gunshot wound, she has no choice but to help it. But she gets caught in the maelstrom when the injured wolf turns out to be a hot werewolf and the shooter comes back to finish the job. Now she's going to become a wolf, or die trying. Fortunately, she has her own Alpha-male who owes her one. However, Autumn fears if she does survive, she might lose her heart in the process.
Conner Grayson owes the beautiful woman his life and feels obligated to help her through her first change. Though he recognizes her as his mate, as her Alpha, he won’t deny Autumn the right to choose once she becomes a wolf. That is, if he can resist the overwhelming need to claim her as his own.

This story has a little of everything; humor, drama, conflict, passion and romance. Give us a little sample.

“I will not do this to you. The change has begun
and have to choose your mate.” His words
came between short ragged breaths. “If we make love,
you will no longer have a choice.”
“There’s always a choice.” Even as the words left
her mouth, her body denied it. She hummed with an
awareness of him that could not be ignored.
He shook his head. “Stay in the water until your
skin doesn’t itch anymore. I’m going to put a couple of
steaks on for us.” The click of the door closing behind
him when he left her alone echoed through her aching
Autumn refused to believe that what she felt wasn’t
real. She was so aware of him that she could feel him
leave the next room after he got dressed. Her awareness
of him was like a rubber band that stretched tighter and
thinner the further he moved away from her. If what he
said was true, she feared it was too late. She’d already

I know our guests are going to want to pick up a copy for themselves. Where can they find it?

You’re going to get a terrific response when word spreads. How can your readers contact you?

Thank you. I am excited to share my stories with everyone. Lord knows they keep me up at night, hopefully they will keep my readers up too.  I also have a blog on my website, where I right about adding the element of romance to your everyday life called Sexy Is As Sexy Does. I love to read comments, so anyone is welcome to talk to me there as well.

Thanks for being with us today, Renee. I’m looking forward to reading more of your work. Did I tell you how much I liked ‘Changes in Autumn’?

Oh, and thank you again for having me. This was so much fun. I am happy you liked Changes In Autumn. It honors me that of all the books out there to read, you took the time to read mine. A reader’s time is a precious gift. Thank you.


  1. Great post, Sandra and Renee. I was fun learning more about you and Changes in Autumn.

    1. Thanks for dropping by Jerrie. I think Renee is a great addition to our group.

    2. Jerrie- Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.

  2. Great Blog post, Sandy.

    I am a lover of PNR, Shifter, Were's & Vamps. 'Changing of Autumn sounds really exciting, Renee.

    1. You'd enjoy it Gayle. It's not real long, but it had a couple of nasty villains.

    2. Gayle- I hope you let me know if it's exciting as it sounds. And Sandra,I am glad you thought Bear and his mate were nasty, because that is exactly how I felt writing them.

  3. Renee, the story sounds so intreging! I love were stories.

    1. Nice to see you Ilona. Doesn't this one have a gorgeous cover?

    2. Ilona- Thank you. Were stories are my all time favorites as well. They are so warm and cuddly. Of course it doesn;t hurt that I am a dog person at heart. It was fun to start with werewolves.
      Sandra- Thank you. I love what they did with the cover, it seems so....peaceful.