Saturday, July 28, 2012

Coffee Talk: an interview with Brett Silverfeather from 
‘The Chief’s Proposal’

Sandy – The Blue Bird Diner is such a cozy little place. Thanks for agreeing to meet with me here, Sheriff Silverfeather.
BrettThe pleasure is mine. But, please call me Chief. Everyone does, except Ginny. She’s the only one who calls me Brett. I call her Dove. The reason for that is in our story.

Sandy – Why do people call you Chief? Isn’t that a Police Department rank?
Brett (smiling) – My nickname doesn’t have anything to do with my job. My grandfather, Poppy, hung that tag on me because I’ll be the next in line to replace him as the chief of our band. Actually, he calls me Little Chief. No one else has the nerve to call me that, though, not to my face at least.

Sandy – Okay, Chief, please explain to our guests what a band is.
Brett Well, a band, or clan as some people call it, is a small village of Native Americans. There’s usually a dominate family that leads the band. Our band is comprised of mixed bloodlines. We started, years ago, as runaways from the Trail of Tears. We gathered in the swamp where white men didn’t care to hunt us down. People don’t realize how many bands there still are like ours.

Sandy – Was it hard for you to adjust to marrying a white woman from the north?
Brett (lowering his head and shaking it slowly) – I’m ashamed to say that my opinion of her wasn’t very nice at first. She’s definitely a challenge.

Sandy – She says that you refer to her as domestically challenged. She also admits to having a problem staying out of trouble.
Brett (laughing) – Did she forget to tell you that she’s also accident prone? The woman is a mess, a delightful, beautiful mess.

Sandy – You look so enraptured when you speak of her. Was it love at first sight?
Brett I can’t rightfully say. We both resisted the relationship for a while. Just between you and me, I was stupid enough to promise to keep my distance for a full thirty days. That was a hard promise to keep. Eventually we did get together of course.

Sandy – You mean…not even on your wedding night?
Brett Not even then, but I think that’s when I started to realize that Dove was the girl for me. We spent the night in my favorite place out in the woods. I’ll show your guests an excerpt from the morning after.
As the sun rose, so did the temperature. Beads of perspiration formed above her pouty lips. If he waited too long, her delicate skin might start to burn. Before he could wake her though, she turned her head into his side and scrubbed her face against his ribs. A chuckle escaped him. He hadn’t been tickled in a long time. Yes, he decided, he’d like to wake up this way every morning.
Ginny had one eye squinted open and her hair was a mess. When she realized where she was, she scurried back away from him.
“What are you doing here?”
Brett chuckled again. “I figured it would be rude to leave you out here all alone. Besides that, I’m your husband. Where else should I be?”
She sat up and rubbed her hands over her face. “You should be making me coffee and finding me a bathroom.”
“Sorry, Dove, you’ll have to wait for the coffee and take to the bushes.”
She stumbled behind a bush a few yards away. Brett was surprised he hadn’t gotten an argument from her. She returned a few minutes later.
“I couldn’t find a toothbrush back there.”
He lowered his head and shook it. “Go down to the lake and use your shirt tail. I’ve got breath mints.”
“Oh goody,” she said as she walked toward the water. “Breakfast.”

Sandy – Would you describe Ginny as an outdoors kind of girl then?
Brett There are a hundred adjectives I could use to describe Dove. She seems to fit in anywhere. Even with my crazy family. In short, I’d describe her as my kind of girl.
Sandy – That’s so sweet. I just have one more question…
Brett (cell phone ringing) – Sorry, Love, this is an emergency call. Your guests will just have to read the rest in our book.

~~sigh~~ He is soooo sexy...and you can read the whole story on August 1st from The Wild Rose Press.


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