Friday, June 30, 2017

Spotlight: the newest debut novel from TWRP

Need You Now
by Dei Araujo
Love's Paradise Series – book #1

Rating: Spicy 
Page Count: 294
The Wild Rose Press
Romantic Suspense

Nothing compared to the horror Amaranth Wallace felt upon discovering her babysitter beaten and her autistic son missing. To get him back, she must put all her faith in her ex-lover, the very man she vowed to avoid forever. 

One steamy and mind-blowing night with Amaranth and Nicholas was hooked. But when she chose his half-brother over him, Nicholas turned his back on her and love. Now fate has brought them back together, and Nicholas must revisit old wounds that run deep with the woman who broke his heart. 

Can Amaranth and Nicholas put their torrid history aside to find her son and get a chance at love?

Nicholas paused mid-turn at the mention of her name. Amaranth was in his office. Completing the rotation, he took in her appearance. The worn photo he had held onto for so long didn’t do her any justice. She was still a breath of fresh air, but time had matured her girlish features into the breathtaking vision that stared back at him. Her face was stern and proclaimed she wasn’t at his office for a reunion.
A sense of foreboding arrested him. Her eyes sparkled with fire as she made her way over to where he stood in front of the window. She wore a simple beige tank with a red bolero jacket and a pair of dark jeans that gripped every part of her curvaceous lower half. Crimson suede stilettos left wicked images dancing in his head.
Nicholas cleared his throat and met her the rest of the way. “Hello, Am.”
Out of nowhere, her hand connected with the side of his face with a stinging crack.
“Well, that wasn’t the kind of welcome I envisioned receiving from you,” he said as he ran a finger along the corner of his mouth. Because she was shorter than him by a good foot, the palm of her hand connected with part of his mouth and cheek. And boy did she pack some power behind it.
“My apologies for my lack of fanfare. I left the balloons and ticker tape at home,” she said.
“I’m sure you get off on throwing blows and receiving them, but maybe we could continue this little S&M session some other time, perhaps when I’m not at work.”
The steely, Amazon façade she wore cracked for a split second revealing just how much his words had affected her. Her indifference toward him stung and like a petulant little boy, he wanted to lash out.
“Am, I’m sorry.” A slim hand shot up stopping his apology.
“Save it for someone who actually cares.”
This Amaranth wasn’t the same woman who was constantly at his brother’s beck and call. She stood as if she were ready to battle. No, she had a backbone and she was obviously there for a reason and not just to slap the taste out of his mouth. Coupled with the call from Roberto, all signs pointed toward his brother, and the sooner he discovered what Roberto had done, the sooner she could leave and his life could return to its boring existence.
“Why don’t we skip the pleasantries and get down to why you’re here,” he said.
She laughed. Had it not been tinged with anger, he would’ve thought it was lyrical.
“Like you have no idea.”
“Hello. Me asking you why. Clearly, I don’t know.”
Amaranth moved closer and his abdominals tightened in anticipation. Her light, sweet pea scent assailed his nostrils. A warm, tingling sensation danced throughout his entire body. He closed his eyes, imprinting every new part of her to his memory, then counted to five before opening them to stare down into her liquid brown eyes.
“I never thought for one minute that you’d actually act like you were cut from the same cloth as Roberto. How could you?” she asked.
“I’m not a mind reader, nor do I enjoy riddles so spill it already.”
She retreated, taking her captivating scent and warmth with her. He almost reached out to keep her closer to him.

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Dei Araujo is a multicultural romance author who began writing in the fifth grade. She enjoys reading and writing both historical and contemporary stories of love where color has no boundaries. A retired Air Force officer, Dei
comes from a proud military family. She’s living out her real-life love story in beautiful Miami, Florida, with her soulmate, and their four rambunctious boys. Need You Now, a romantic suspense, is her first novel.

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