Friday, July 24, 2015

!!! Great New Series FREE !!!

You're thinking I made a mistake, but no, all five parts of this YA/NA paranormal series are FREE TODAY ONLY for your Kindle. And the best part is YOU'RE GOING TO LOVE IT!!!

~ This is what it's about ~

Centuries after the fallen angels left heaven to live among humans, their Nephilim descendants dwell in secret, hidden from the modern world. Once, a charismatic leader known as the Phoenix led their people, but he vanished centuries ago. The few surviving Great Houses are in decline, bickering over petty rivalries while a handful of faithful warriors battle to keep the forces of evil at bay. 

Eighteen-year-old Aiden McLachlan devotes her life to her studies and pursues her lifelong goal to become a full-fledged Watcher. But everything she knows of her life is a lie and everyone a liar. Through a strange twist of fate, she finds herself caught up in an ancient prophecy. 

The stars predict the rebirth of the Nephilim leader, but the mystery must be unraveled or the Phoenix cannot rise. With a soul-eating demon, a coven of ancient vampires, and a hardheaded Celtic warrior competing to subvert the Phoenix, Aiden doesn't know where to turn or who she can trust. 

~ Look at each one and get ready to tap that buy button. ~

Now I know what you're thinking.
"Who is the talented author of all these great works?"
Allow me to introduce Melissa Thomas

Melissa Thomas breathes life into her dreams, bringing imaginary characters and fantasy worlds into our reality. She loves her characters so much they become her alter-egos, enacting the exciting adventures she envisions for them. She is a resident of San Francisco, California and adores the picturesque city by the bay. Her hobbies include surfing and scuba diving.

Phoenix Contract is her debut novel. 

Now I ask you, who can afford to pass up this great deal?
!!! NOT ME !!!

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