Saturday, April 5, 2014


Welcome to the beach, Cathy! I’ve heard how chilly it is in New Jersey, so I’m glad I can share some of our sunshine. Take off your jacket and relax.

Thanks, Sandy. I think I will. I love the warm weather :)

If you’d like to have a beach party of your own I’d be glad to share my beach. The first people on your guest list should be the three people who’ve inspired you most, (dead or alive). Who would they be?

  1. Nora Ephron.  I love her movies and think she was a talented writer.
  2. Kathy Bates, who started acting much later in life. Look how far she’s come. I didn’t start writing until I was forty and didn’t publish until twelve years later. Perseverance pays off :) 
  3. Nora Roberts, so I can pick her brain as to how she writes so many books so fast :)
They sound interesting. What would be the three most delicious items on your menu?

BBQ Spareribs, baked beans, and lobster tails.

That sounds delicious! If I were to meet your characters, Travis and Rebecca, at this party, what celebrities would they remind me of?

Bill Pullman/or Tom Hanks and Julianne Moore.

Great couple! Everyone is dying to hear what advice you’d give about writing. Give us your biggest DO and biggest DON’T.

DO: Learn to write fast. Content is king.  DON’T: Edit while writing. Wastes too much time. Write the first draft and then go back.

Great advice. The natives seem to be getting restless. They want to hear about TRAINING TRAVIS.

Two professionals with a past they thought forgotten--can they keep their relationship strictly business when the passion reignites? 

After the death of his ex-wife, Travis McGill becomes sole parent to his fifteen-year-old daughter. Determined to do what's best for her--even if it means reopening old wounds--Travis moves back to his Pennsylvania hometown. 

Rebecca Evans never forgave Travis for the way he dumped her. Not only did he break her heart sixteen years ago, but he and his daughter are a reminder of the family she lost. But when Travis asks her to redecorate his Victorian house, she can't turn her back on him or his angry, grieving daughter. 

Getting Rebecca back in his life might not be the easiest task, but Travis is determined to try. Can he earn the trust of the two most important women in his life? Or will he need on-the-job training?

I love a reunion romance! We’ll need a taste of what we can expect.

Winning Rebecca back isn’t going to be as easy as Travis thinks. She isn’t the same naïve eighteen year old.

It sounds like a great read in any season. Where can our guests get a copy?

Our guests are enthralled. Everyone wants to get to know you better.

Cathy Tully writes Sweet Romance, Contemporary Romance and Women's Fiction. Prior to romance, she wrote a children's non-fiction book titled, NEBRASKA for Kidhaven Press in 2004. Her first Sweet Romance, ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE, is available through Astraea Press, and her first novella, MARRYING MR. RIGHT is available through, The Wild Rose Press. Her short story, BEAUTY AND THE CURSE is available through
A Member of Romance Writer's Of America, The Liberty States Fiction Writer's, and The Society of Children's Book Writer's and Illustrators, Cathy is a firm believer in continually honing her craft. A brown belt in Isshinryu Karate, she loves the feeling of strength and independence it allows her. Cathy can be found on Facebook, and at A born and bred Jersey girl, Cathy lives in central New Jersey with her husband, Joe, and their two daughters.

 Be sure to look for Cathy's other great books as well!!!

You’ve been a terrific guest, Cathy, and TRAINING TRAVIS sounds fantastic. I hope you’ll come back for more parties in the future.

 I would love to Sandy :)  Thanks for having me!

Before everyone runs off, feel free to ask Cathy questions or give a comment below. Thanks for coming to the party!

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  1. Enjoyed your interview. I appreciate the women you listed as inspirations - great picks!