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Although IDOL URGES is an erotic-romance, this post is PG. 

Welcome to the beach, Ruby! We’ve set the party up just for you. We have tiki torches and of course – a tiki bar. We’re counting on you to supply the tiki idol. Hopefully it’ll be the one from your new erotic-romance IDOL URGES.

I have to say I wish I had a magic tiki idol, but seeing that sometimes magic can backfire, maybe it’s a good thing I don’t. Besides, we each have a bit of magic in us. We shouldn’t rely on an outside force to bring out our inner selves. That’s the point of all my stories. Each woman has the power to express herself and follow her dreams. By the way, I love this mojito, thanks.

I have to ask, Ruby, what inspired such a unique story?

Honestly, I started with Wendy. Most often, characters pop in my head and they tell me their stories. But I think I had that Brady Bunch episode where they go to Hawaii stuck in the back of my brain, that obviously had some influence. Only their tiki brought only bad luck. My tiki idol brings about some very nice experiences.

How would you describe your female character, Wendy?

Wendy wants what’s best for herself and her mother. She’s confused herself into thinking that she needs to shut off her true emotions and desires to reach her goals. But she discovers that it is only by embracing the whole of ourselves that we can attain what we want.

How would Wendy describe her male counterpart, Franco?

Franco is confident, where Wendy is unsure. He has goals, as Wendy does, but he takes his drive down a notch. He stops to smell the hibiscus and understands balance. But of course, he seems too good to be true to Wendy. Then, she finds out that his hidden wild side is the perfect complement to hers.

I’m a contemporary romance writer, but we all have a naughty side. What advice would you give someone like me about crossing over to the erotic-romance genre?

The difference between a steamy romance and erotica is that in a steamy romance the sex enhances the story and advances the plot, like a car chase in an action movie. But in erotica the sex is the story. Somehow your characters need to go on a sensual journey that is the central plot. I find humor in the humanity of our sensual side. Nothing is funnier than sex. So there’s a lot of silly parts in my book. Sex, magic and human foibles are ingredients for a great story that combines the serious journey of the heroine, hot steamy scenes and some good chuckles.

Our guests are crowding closer. They want to hear about IDOL URGES.

There’s plenty of room around the bonfire.  Here’s the blurb:

Determined to graduate college and save her mother from poverty, Wendy Johnson commits to keeping her nose to the grindstone and her head out of the clouds. Unfortunately, the mysterious old woman who gave her a magic tiki idol has other plans. Every time Wendy touches the thing, her sexual frustration nearly implodes. She can't think straight. To complicate matters, the dark-haired, debonair Franco refuses to leave her alone. So what if he's gorgeous and has the perfect body?
Yet, with the help of the tiki treasure, Wendy discovers her desires for success are a perfect match for her Idol Urges.

Like I said before, it’s a unique story. We’ll need a taste of what we can expect.

Here's an excerpt:

"Wendy! Wendy, over here." Franco, jogged over to her, waving his hand. His olive skin and lean arms reflected the sunset. His aquiline nose fit his Mediterranean features, and she got caught in his chocolate brown eyes.
Her chest tightened and her heart raced. Damn, I hate how he affects me.
Everybody at the resort loved Franco. He always had a kind word, time for a joke and helped out others when the kitchen got too busy. Yet, she never said yes to any of times he had asked her out. She wouldn't lose herself and her goals for a man. And it would be too easy to lose herself in Franco.
"Do you need a ride?" The corner of his full mouth turned up in a rakish smirk.
"No, I'm fine. I'll grab the bus."
"The bus? Where's your boyfriend?"
"Oh, we broke up." Crap, I shouldn't have said that. Now she had no excuse for turning him down.
A grin spread wide across his mouth. He took a step toward her, masculinity oozing from him. His eyelids lowered, he gazed at her with a wicked confidence. "Does that mean you're free to get together again sometime?"
Yes. The word sat on the edge of her lips. Franco, the dishwasher, was everything Jeremy, the dentist, was not. Carefree, fun-loving, and a risk taker. With Jeremy it was easy for her to control her urges. He was safe, stable, predictable. But Franco got her thinking dangerous thoughts— letting go, giving in, having sex nonstop and never cracking a textbook again.
"I need to go," she said quickly before he could say anything.

It sounds like a fun, hot read. Our visitors can find it by going to Amazon:

Our visitors are hanging on to every word. They want to know more about you.

I’m usually working away on my laptop, but when I take a break, you can find me on a beach chair, like this one, in the Hamptons or hopping around European cities. Last year Dublin, this year, Paris. I’m a born and bred New Yorker, Manhattan is my playground so I’m always checking out the latest off-Broadway shows.Visit me at:


You’ve been a fascinating guest, Ruby, and IDOL URGES sounds incredible. I hope you’ll come back for more parties in the future.

Absolutely, the view from this veranda is amazing. I hope to come back to talk about Idol Wishes, which will be out this summer. It tells the story of Wendy’s mother, Samantha, who of course finds the idol. The tiki brings about whatever change the possessor needs, kind of like the room of requirements in the Harry Potter books. If you read Idol Urges, maybe you can guess what it is Samantha might gain from the idol.

Before everyone runs off, feel free to ask Ruby questions or give a comment below. Thanks for coming to the party!


  1. I need an old woman in my life to give me a tiki

  2. Idol Urges is quite intriguing! And I do like plays on words :) Best of luck with the release. Barb Bettis

  3. Nice interview, Ruby. I'm looking forward to Idol Wishes and hearing about your trip to Paris.

    1. Thanks, Maria
      I'll be searching for magic objects in Paris. Who knows what I'll find.

  4. Awesome interview. We just spent the month of September in Paris, renting a small apartment on the Left Bank. I did a lot of research. If we could afford it, I'd move there in a heartbeat. Every visit makes me love it more.

    Do you write erotic under your real name? I have a contract with one of the Big Five for a series of 3 or more stories set in a BDSM club. But it looks as if I'll have to send it back unsigned. I write exclusively for two of the big houses now and both have added strict non-competitive clauses to their contracts, meaning I can't have a book release 6 months before or after a book releases with one of them Getting them to agree to one series with each involved a month of blood-letting negotiations with my agent and their legal departments. Adding this third series will be like throwing a gallon of gasoline onto a fire that's finally burning low. One of the Big Five says if I use a different name, they'll reduce the time between releases with them to 3 months before or after...the other house just detonated a "hell no" bomb. While moving up is a nice experience, it is also a controlling one. I love that erotic series and will have to wait for a couple years, until one of the currently contracted series is finished to submit it again and hope it is still liked by an editor there.

    But enough of my publishing aches and pains. I wish you great luck. And say "Boujour" to Paris for me. I was able to get a couple copies of my books set in Paris put in stock at Shakespeare and Company--a real thrill.

    1. There's always some frustration for authors. Isn't there? I hope you get it all worked out,

      I don't use my real name for writing erotica. I teach Sunday school. Yikes.

      I love Paris as you do. But I love every place I visit. I can always find something special,

      Thanks for stopping by