Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Welcome a new Rose - Linda Trout


      Welcome to Coffee Talk, Linda! Everyone at The Wild Rose Press is delighted to count you among our ranks. We're especially excited about your newly released book, GRAVE SECRETS. Tell our visitors a little about the story.


When Sara Adams' infant daughter is abducted, she moves heaven and earth to find her. But six months later, time is running out and Sara turns to the one man she shouldn't—insurance investigator Morgan Daniels. Dangerously attractive, he's a threat to more than just her heart, and if she isn't careful, he'll unearth secrets better left buried.

Proving Sara murdered her husband is Morgan's top priority. Helping her find her child is the perfect opportunity to get the proof he needs. But when he starts to think of her as a woman rather than a suspect, she slips under his armor. He can't trust her. Worse, he can't trust himself around her.

All evidence points to Sara as a murderer, but Morgan's gut tells him the evidence is wrong. Is his obsession with her blinding him to the facts? Or is the real murderer still out there…stalking Sara?

I'm intrigued already. Please give us a scene to tease us a little more. 

Sara’s sobs, the first he’d heard from her, broke through his stupor. Was this the reason behind those dark circles under her eyes? The logical side of his brain said to back out of the room and get the hell out of the house. He didn’t need another mental case in his life, didn’t need the responsibility, and later the guilt, when he failed them.
Instead, he gathered her in his arms, then pressed her head against his shoulder. She cried so hard, her entire body shook, and her keening touched him in places he’d thought long dead. He had the feeling this was the first time she’d truly cried since they’d dug up her husband’s body. No wonder there were so many tears.
His shirt was soaked. He didn’t care. He forgot about his mom, about how Sara could already be headed down the same road and simply held her close. When the tears had abated and she’d blown her nose on the handkerchief he’d offered, he kissed the top of her head, whispering it would be all right. She looked up at him, parting her lips. Remnants of tears still trailed down her cheeks. Without thinking, he lowered his head and gently pressed his lips to hers to comfort her.
Sara had been clinging to his shirt, but now moved her arms around his neck, pulling him closer. She opened for him, inviting. Am I out of my mind? He couldn’t get involved with a client. Or a suspect. Sara Adams fell into both categories.
He chuckled to himself. He was about to make the biggest mistake of his life, but right now he didn’t care. When she whimpered he scooped her into his arms, her weight a turn-on by itself, and strode across the hall to the nearest bed he could find.

      Wow! That was great. I know GRAVE SECRETS is already available, where can we buy a copy?

Barnes & Noble: http://tinyurl.com/cnqz5ky

      Now, we'd like to know more about you. 

I’m a retired oil & gas accountant and I’m finally free to pursue my passion and my dream. Married for longer than I can remember, we both ride Harleys. I love zipping down the highway following his cherry red bike (mine is teal and silver), but like to take the lead every now and then...just to give him a view of my backside, mind you. I don’t do this a lot, but I happen to know he thinks a woman on a bike is sexy. Hey, enough said, right? LOL

 A favorite vacation spot is just about anywhere in Alaska. No cruises for us, though. We pick a town, stay at a B&B, rent a car and check out all the area has to offer. We’ve watched Bald Eagles teach their chicks to hunt fish, attended performances by the locals about their culture and heritage, or simply enjoyed the vast scenery. We’ll never see all Alaska has to offer, but then, I’m not sure many people have (or can). Needless to say, we’ve visited there multiple times.

Oh, yes, you asked for a bio. Sorry. I write romantic suspense and completed 3 manuscripts before publishing. I belong to several writing organizations and have a fantastic critique group. My philosophy is to be too stubborn to give up, but grow a Rhino Hide in the meantime. You’ll need it.

How can we contact you?

      A few quick questions, if you don't mind:

·         Coffee or tea?: I love the smell of good coffee. Nothing better than that wonderful aroma. But I can’t stand the taste of it. Go figure. No, I’m a good ole’ ‘southern’ girl who likes sweet (and I do mean sweet!) iced tea.

·         Dogs, Cats, or something different?: There are both cats and dogs at my house. We have 2 aging black Labrador retrievers, litter mates who are attached at the hip. If one goes to the vet, the other has to go, too. Luckily my vet doesn’t mind. Then we have 4 cats; 2 females and 2 males. Believe it or not, the toms are better hunters than one of the females. In fact, she wouldn’t know what to do with a mouse if you handed it to her on a silver platter. One of the toms brought her a live mouse one day, I guess to see what she’d do with it. Before she knew what was happening, the mouse was safely under the porch. The tom just looked at her as if to say, “Silly girl.” LOL

·         Vampires, Cowboys, Kilts, or Men in Uniform?: First and foremost, Men in Uniform! My hubby is a retired Marine and I’ve always been a sucker for those dress blue uniforms. That said I also like Cowboys as well as Kilts. In that order.  After all, variety is the spice of life.

·         Sweet, spicy or something in between?: I prefer something in between, more sensual. I do read sweet, but pretty much stay away from the spicy stuff. I’m not a prude, but it’s just a bit too hot for my tastes.

·         Do your heroes wear briefs, boxers, or go commando?: Oh, my heroes wear briefs, and occasionally go commando when they’re totally laid back, kicking around out in the wild. You know, it’s always a good thing to get them out in the wild every now and then. Don’t you agree?

 I absolutely agree. I'm so glad you're able to spend time with us today. 

Thank you so much for having me Sandra. I’ve loved visiting and getting to know you a bit better. Stop in at my place and say Hi whenever you want. The door’s always open.

Don’t forget to let your readers know that I’ll be giving away a free digital copy of my book at the end of my blog tour to one commenter. And this is my next to last stop. Thanks again for the hospitality!


  1. Great blurb and excerpt. I like the picture of your vacation spot too. Vampires, Cowboys, Kilts, or Men in Uniform? Men in Uniform would have came second for me, followed by Cowboys, and kilts:) Great getting to know you. Good luck on your tour!

    1. Thank you, Lisa. That picture was taken in Sitka. We liked it so much that we may go back next year. (Btw, I'm having a blast on my tour!)

  2. Very interesting book, and even more interesting author. I can completely understand why having you lead the way to the next adventure would be a wonderful experience. Nothing like the feeling of a road, with a view. Looking forward to many more new adventures from and awesome views from Linda Trout in the very near future.

    1. Thanks Houdis! I love riding, just not enough time to even think about it at the moment, though. *s*

  3. Ah, Linda, the things we learn about you . . .;-)

    1. And here you thought you knew me. Har

  4. BBH, Linda!
    Have to agree with Marilyn.

    1. BBH to you, too! So glad you stopped by.

  5. Hello, and congratulations! It's good to learn a little more about you. Best wishes.

    1. Hi, Nancy. See? You're learning things people who have known me for years didn't know. LOL

  6. Linda, It's been great having you on my blog today. We all enjoyed learning more about you and GRAVE SECRETS. Thank you for coming by and great luck with your writing career.

    1. Sandra, thank you so much for having me! I've enjoyed myself. I love your site and I can just see you curled up with a good book and a cup of coffee while you watch the world go by from your porch. :-)